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What is TuitionRelief?

The first scholarship platform built for the 21st-century student.

The high cost of attending college forces students to take out loans and accumulate debt that requires, on average, 25 years to repay. The price of obtaining a degree shouldn’t be a significant financial burden that lasts into adulthood. America has more than enough wealth to guarantee financial freedom for its future generations.

TuitionRelief is the first platform of its kind. We match people who have the means and determination to help eliminate the student debt crisis with students who want to graduate debt-free, through a giving/mentoring program.

The current scholarship format has gone unchanged for 100 years, and we are here to turn it on its head.

Traditional Scholarship Journey The TuitionRelief Journey
Price No payment required $29.95/2 years (fee waiver available)
Average Scholarship Amount $2,800 $10,000
Finding Scholarships Need to sort through hundreds of thousands of scholarships to find ones you are applicable for You don’t need to do anything – we will look for you!
Applying for Scholarships Need to apply for each scholarship individually – Some may require essays, some may require letters of recommendation All you have to do is fill out one application – let us take care of the rest
Receiving your Scholarship Once you win your scholarship, your university might be able to subtract your external scholarship from your financial aid based on your augmented ability to pay – essentially forcing you to pay the same amount out of pocket We will find the best way to disperse your funds to ensure your out-of-pocket cost decreases by your scholarship amount
After Receiving Your Scholarship Most scholarships do not include a mentoring aspect In addition to your scholarship, you will be assigned a lifelong mentor who is invested in your academic and personal success

We are on a mission to clear $10,000,000 of student debt in 2020 – and some of it might just be yours.

The Facts About Student Debt

Tuition costs have risen by more 250% in the past 30 years
Over $200 billion is added to the outstanding American student debt total every year
The average private scholarship: $2,800
The average TuitionRelief scholarship: $10,000
Student loan debt represents more debt in this country than auto and credit card debt COMBINED
Lending Service Providers who handle student loans have argued in federal court that they bear no responsibility for helping students successfully navigate debt repayment.


The registration process requests educational, financial, and personal information in order to fairly and fully evaluate student-scholarship matches. Once you register, you will become an active member of our Student Pool, meaning you are immediately eligible to be matched with a sponsor whose scholarship criteria you meet.

Our Sponsors

Our generous sponsors are high-net-worth individuals, families, and corporations who have taken the TuitionPledge:

“I will do my part to alleviate student debt for this generation and future generations!”

Hundreds of people have already taken the TuitionPledge, and there are thousands more who will. Each sponsor supports between one and 100 students, either on a one-year or four-year basis.


Students are matched with sponsors based on criteria that could include university of enrollment, first-generation status, or socioeconomic background. Every registrant’s application is reviewed to ensure that scholarships are awarded to deserving, hard-working, and motivated students with genuine financial need.


The selection and funding process will start in June 2020 and continue through August 2020. Our non-biased AI engine will finalize which students receive sponsorships.

If you are matched with a sponsor-mentor, (we will work with you individually to ensure that your scholarship funds cannot be deducted from your financial aid package.) These funds will be wired directly to your university or lending service provider.


One of the most rewarding aspects of this platform is the bond facilitated between the student and sponsor-mentor. Most sponsors are eager to develop this relationship, and are willing to provide academic guidance and career advice to their mentees – and we have a hunch the students have just as much, if not more, to teach their mentors.

Our sponsors can’t wait to meet you.

Apply Now

The TuitionRelief Process

Tuition Relief is the first platform of its kind, matching students who want to graduate with little or no debt to donors seeking to share their wealth and guidance, through a giving-mentoring program.

These individuals, families, and corporations can sponsor and mentor students throughout their college experience and beyond. You’re only a few steps away from selection for one of hundreds of scholarships:


Complete your application in order to be included in the Student Pool. Early registration increases your chances of selection from a Student Pool that is not yet saturated


Sponsors specify the eligibility requirements of their scholarships. Examples of criteria include:

“Students graduating from Columbia HS” or
“Students graduating from Columbia HS with a minimum GPA of 3.2” or
“Female students graduating from Columbia HS with a minimum GPA of 3.2” or
“Students who are the first in their families to attend college” or
“Students at a public college paying out-of-state fees”


Our technology engine picks the best student match based on the criteria of each scholarship and the candidate’s demonstrated financial need


The matched student will be asked to upload academic and financial documents, including academic transcripts and tax returns


Upon verification of their eligibility, the student receives a Welcome Package from TuitionRelief, complete with a letter from their sponsor-mentor!


The student and their sponsor will stay connected through the TuitionRelief platform. The student will be asked to submit transcripts each semester in order to update their sponsor on their academic performance and ensure that they continue to meet the minimum academic requirements specified by their scholarship.


On an on-going basis, you will need to upload your transcripts and requirements your sponsors have required to continue your benefits.

If we don’t find you a sponsor-mentor for the Fall 2020 semester, you will remain in the Student Pool for another year at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a nonprofit, which means any money made goes towards supporting the functionality of this platform. The $30 fee serves student applicants by:
  • Funding the growing sponsor outreach teams
  • Building and maintaining an organization that represents a worthwhile investment for the wealthy sponsors donating their money and time to students 
  • Maintaining the connected technology platform that doubles as a mentorship platform
  • Preventing fraud and ensuring that TuitionRelief remains compliant with the governmental entities that  allow us to maintain our status as a charitable organization
We are committed to making this platform free for all applicants as soon as we can.   You can inquire about the availability of fee waivers by emailing rhea@tuitionrelief.io with the subject line “Fee Waiver”
Register early and be as diligent as possible in completing your application.  As more sponsors come on board, the chances of selection for early applicants will increase. 
It means that sponsors drive who they want to sponsor. They will provide their criteria and the technology engine will deliver to them the closest matches to the criteria they specify.
As long as you are currently pursuing a Bachelor’s program in the US, you are eligible to be supported by one of our donors, who have incredibly diverse criteria in the candidates they want to support.
Tuition Relief scholarships average $10,000 per annum per student
You will be notified via email and asked to upload certain documents as per sponsors’ request. Scholarship funds will be directly wired to your university or routed to you through a lending service provider.
Our sponsors are high-net-worth individuals, companies, families, and organizations who understand the severity of the student debt  crisis and want to contribute to its elimination.  Over 100 sponsors are already committed.  With ongoing recruitment efforts, we expect that number to soon climb into the thousands. 

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